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Trailer for “BATMAN V. SUPERMAN” (2016)

written by Dominick Cappello

Okay, two sneak peeks in one week. First, there was a 50 second teaser with Batman being held captive in a bunker. A sinister looking Superman then tears his mask off. That had to have been a dream sequence, which would address some the controversy from previous trailers. Two days later we were treated to a full length trailer and it was spectacular. Of course, since it’s DC, plenty of vitriol followed on social media because bitching about Zach Snyder never gets old… I sincerely hope that I am laying on the sarcasm thick enough.

As far of the content of the trailer goes, Clark Kent introduces himself to Bruce Wayne and they take turns throwing shade at each other’s respective alter egos. Bruce Wayne even references The Joker. Then, Lex Luthor stirs the pot. The trailer also covers some familiar ground. Lex Luthor playing his political games, Alfred warning Bruce Wayne not to appose the mighty Superman, and snippets of the actual battle between The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight.

Lex Luthor seems to grow impatient and experiments on the corpse of General Zod and creates Doomsday. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and there has already been an intense backlash because this Doomsday apparently doesn’t resemble its comic book counterpart… Except that it basically does. What? He’s a greenish / grey monster with boney spikes protruding from his skin. He’s clearly Doomsday other than the jawline. I’ve already had several non comic book fans inform me that they identified the monster as Doomsday right off the bat. So, if he’s identifiable as Doomsday, what the hell is the issue?

Wonder Woman makes her grand debut, standing alongside Superman and Batman as they ready themselves to combat Doomsday. Now, according to the trolls on Twitter and Youtube comments sections, this means that the entire movie has been spoiled. Aren’t we suppose to also see Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg in this movie? Well, then we haven’t seen everything that this movie has to offer just yet. Yes, a trailer showing too much footage is a legitimate complaint. It’s just that DC haters have lost all credibility in my eyes. A cool trailer ruined by negativity created by people who claim to despise Ben Affleck and Zach Snyder, but yet can’t stop yammering on about them. Haters be damned. I’m still looking forward to this movie. I just need avoid the ridiculous social media fury.

– Dr. Rochester


Author: Dominick

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