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Let me apologize for how belated this review is. Same happened last year with my “Captain America: Civil War” review, but circumstances prevented me from posting until just now.

Some dummies out there, trolls hiding behind their keyboards, have said the film is man-hating radical feminist propaganda while others, social justice warrior types, have said it objectifies women. How can people watch the same exact film and come to such vastly different conclusions? Well, it’s clear to me that certain obstinate (the nice way of saying pig-headed) people are using the film to push their own agenda. I was going to name check those guilty of this social media vitriol, one in particular, but I’ve decided I’m not going to let them ruin my movie going experience or enjoyment of the film.

I received some bad news not long before I saw the film and have been depressed as of late, and while I’m still not feeling great, for the two hours and twenty minutes I was sitting in a movie theater watching “Wonder Woman”, I was uplifted and had a smile on my face. Okay, I didn’t have a smile on my face when Steve said goodbye to Diana. “I can save today. You can save the world.” was a beautifully written line of dialogue. I haven’t been misty eyed like that since Martha gave Lois the engagement ring from Clark in “Batman v Superman”. Yes, there are similarities between Steve Trevor and Steve Rogers and how they sacrificed themselves aboard an airplane, especially since the actors happen to be two of the four Chris’s (Pine, Evans, Pratt & Hemsworth), but the scene worked. Actually, I think it was better than “Captain America” because the sacrifice seemed necessary for the character in that moment and not just something that happened because the screenwriters needed it to happen.

Gal Gadot rocked on so many levels. I love how she had no time for haters and proved her naysayers wrong. Anyone who said she was “just an underwear model”, and you people know who you are, can eat crow. Yes, she is exquisitely beautiful, and it’s not sexist to admit as such, but she’s totally believable as an action hero. She also played the lighter moments well. It’s a fish out of water story and there is humor, but we’re never laughing at her when Diana’s naiveté was on display. I also love how expressive her eyes are. When she sees snow for the first time, we know she thinks it’s magical before she says so.

I don’t have many gripes other than I knew Danny Huston was just a red herring and someone else would be revealed to be Ares. I’m not a big fan of misdirection especially when the audience is a step or two ahead of the film. We knew that Benedict Cumberbatch was Khan in “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. We knew that Christoph Waltz was Blofeld in “Spectre”. Just like the villains in those films, I think Ares could have been handled better. I would have also liked to have seen more of Lucy Davis as Etta Candy. We only got one scene of her running the mission when she probably could have contributed more. I don’t expect to see anymore DCEU films set in the past, so I guess we’ve seen the last of her character, which is a shame.

How cool is it that the new DCEU intro is like the intro for “Justice League Unlimited”? This blog has been a staunch supporter of the DCEU. I never understood the hate for “Man of Steel” and think “Batman v Superman” is a very misunderstood film. It’s like you need to justify being a fan, so it’s nice to see the adulation for “Wonder Woman”. Dr. Frisbee must be outraged by the Rotten Tomatoes score. Let’s tip our hat to Patty Jenkins for the amazing job she did helming “Wonder Woman”, screenwriter Allan Heinberg, and also Zach Snyder for casting Gal Gadot. All we need to do now is count down to “Justice League”. I’m sure some were expecting a post credit scene to set up the next film, but I’m fine that there wasn’t. Not every film needs a cliffhanger. This was Diana’s story. Her learning of the ugliness in our world, but also experiencing the beauty and compassion that’s worth protecting.

– Dr. Jelly

Author: Dominick

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