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Okay, so here’s what we know. Todd Phillips will direct, co-write with Scott Silver, and Martin Scorsese will produce. I’m not sure if this is rock solid information because it only broke a few hours ago and things may not be 100% official. This film will not be part of the DCEU, so that means Jared Leto will not reprise his role from “Suicide Squad”. I know most were down of his performance, but I’d like to see him return, which apparently, he will in a Harley Quinn stand-alone / Gotham City Sirens film and also “Suicide Squad 2”.

Almost all the feedback I’ve seen on social media since the news broke has been negative. No surprise there. Outside of “Wonder Woman”, DC gets raked over the coals for everything. Ironic, as the news broke on August 22, the four-year anniversary of when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman. Sadly, many dismissed “Batman v Superman” then and there and never gave the film a chance. Here we go again with people saying they hate a film long before it’s even made. If you are going to be negative no matter what, then stay home when the film hits theaters instead of pretending you went into the film “high expectations” and was “let down” like those YouTubers who specialize in shitting on everything they watch. I can’t believe it’s gotten to the point where the Dr. Frisbee’s of the world will thumb their noses at Martin Scorsese.

As far as there being an overabundance of Jokers with Jared Leto in the DCEU, Cameron Monaghan on TV’s “Gotham”, and whoever plays The Joker in this origin film, I’ve said before that The Joker is a fascinating character and I like seeing how different actors interpret him. Yes, a character can be overdone and exploited, but remember how in 1983 both Roger Moore and Sean Connery played James Bond in rival films? Hell, even George Lazenby made a cameo as 007 in a made for TV movie that year. Having multiples of James Bond certainly didn’t hurt the character’s longevity or popularity. Another complaint is that The Joker shouldn’t have a definitive origin story. I totally agree. But, we just heard about this film several hours ago so we have no idea what the film will be. The film could be told in flashback with multiple origin stories. The Joker could narrate the film only for us to find out in the end that everything he told us was a lie. Everyone needs to keep calm and stay tuned. I mean, why so serious?

– Dr. Rochester

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