series created by Marvin Mercer and Nick Stephenson


written by Dominick Cappello

Airdate: 1/19/67
Stardate: 3045.6
Captain Kirk and the lizard-like commander of an alien starship, known as a Gorn, are transported to a barren planet  and forced to fight to death by a race called the Metrons. The climax of “Predator” is very reminiscent of this episode.

“Space Seed”
Airdate: 2/16/67
Stardate: 3141.9
The Enterprise discovers a derelict starship, The Botany Bay, which carries Khan Noonian Singh, a genetically enhanced tyrant, and his followers in suspended animation. Khan is played by Ricardo Montalban. This storyline was continued in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

“The City on the Edge of Forever”
Airdate: 4/6/67
Stardate: 3134.0
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock follow Dr. McCoy, who was left in a deranged state after an accidental overdose of cordrazine, through a time portal back to 1930 to ensure that history remains as was. Kirk falls in love with Edith Keeler, a social worker played by Joan Collins, who heartbreakingly must be allowed so to die to protect the timeline.

“Operation – Annihilate”
Airdate: 4/13/67
Stardate: 3387.2
Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew come to the aid of a colony on Deneva, which was attacked by seemingly indestructible parasites that drive their victims insane. Kirk’s brother and sister-in-law perish while is nephew and Mr. Spock are both infected. Spock is willing to sacrifice himself so to stop the spread of the parasites. A most logical course of action.

“Amok Time”
Airdate: 9/15/67
Stardate: 3372.7
Mr. Spock must return to planet Vulcan in time for “Pon far,” a wedding / mating ritual before the madness and his boiling blood costs him his life. Celia Lovsky plays T’Pau, a high priestess who oversees the iconic battle between Kirk and Spock. This was a rare episode to feature an overly emotional Spock. Jim Carrey hums the score to this episode in “The Cable Guy” during a reenactment of the famous fight scene.

“Mirror, Mirror”
Airdate: 10/6/67
Stardate: UNKOWN
A cosmic storm transports four members of the Enterprise crew into a parallel universe where they encounter barbaric counterparts. Kirk and company do their best to blend in while their evil doppelgangers are placed under arrest. The alternate Mr. Spock sports a goatee. “South Park” once parodied the idea of the evil twin having a goatee.

“Journey to Babel”
Airdate: 11/17/67
Stardate: 3842.3
Mark Lenard plays Sarak, Vulcan ambassador and father of Mr. Spock. Sarak is in need of an operation and his son is the only viable donor, but Spock refuses to relinquish his command of the Enterprise because Kirk was wounded by an Andorian assassin. Mark Lenard had the distinct honor of portraying a Vulcan, a Romulan, and a Klingon in his career.

“The Trouble with Tribbles”
Airdate: 12/29/67
Stardate: 4523.3
While guarding space station K-7, the Enterprise becomes infested with furry little creatures that multiply at an expediential rate. A popular episode of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” superimposed its cast into the background of scenes from this original series episode. Captain Koloth is also one of the best Klingon antagonists.

*The fact that all these episodes aired in 1967 is coincidental.

– Dr. Rochester.

Author: Dominick

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