My 8th consecutive New York Comic Con


IMG_20151009_112950DC Comics – The Dark Knight 30th Anniversary

It wouldn’t be NYCC without attending at least one panel in the main stage of the Jacob K. Javits Center. Of course, a wristband is required as the auditorium is cleared in between panels. This didn’t use to be the case and sometimes you’re stuck in line for a long before you receive your wristband. If you’ve been to NYCC, you know what a headache that can be.

Frank Miller was on hand for the first panel of the weekend which I attended. The legendary comic book writer, the creator of “Sin City”, was promoting the third chapter in his Dark Knight saga which began in 1986 with “The Dark Knight Returns” and continued in 2001 with “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”. We were treated to some exclusive images from “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race”. The loyal Bat fans in attendance were proud of their hero and felt the need to jeer whenever Superman was a mentioned. Why do they have to pick on Superman? Can’t you appreciate both characters? Must we choose?


IMG_20151009_165059623_HDRThe Walking Dead – Season 6 Fan Premiere

Technically, this was part of New York Super Week, so a NYCC badge wouldn’t do you any favors, but I was one of the lucky ones to win tickets to attend this event in Madison Square Garden. The first time that I had been in the world’s most famous arena since 1997. Two days before it aired on AMC, we viewed “First Time Again”, the first episode of the new season. It was a unique experience to watch an episode in an arena filled with rabid TWD fans. It was interesting to gage their reactions. The cheers. The gasps whenever a beloved character was in danger.

After the episode, Yvette Nicole Brown hosted a panel with all current cast members and a few surprise appearances made by actors whose characters have been killed. It was nice to see Emily Kinney again. We love you, Beth. Chris Hardwick missed the event because he was attending a wedding. He elaborated later that weekend on “Talking Dead”. Norman Reedus made his entrance on a motorcycle. My plus one was misty eyed seeing both him and Andrew Lincoln on stage together, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass her. The episode was great and the panel was a lot of fun. The cast even played a TWD themed version of “Family Feud”.

IMG_20151009_165254196_HDR IMG_20151009_171537708_HDR IMG_20151009_171410087_HDR

IMG_20151009_172256113_HDR IMG_20151009_182628762_HDR

To be continued…

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