series created by Marvin Mercer and Nick Stephenson


written by Dominick Cappello

“They said the age of heroes would never come again.” – Diana Prince

“It has to.” – Bruce Wayne


Hot off the heels of her smash hit movie, it’s Wonder Woman to save the day at the start of the trailer, dodging bullets like a boss. Diana’s always playing it cool. The world is still mourning the death of Superman. Meanwhile on Themyscira, there’s an intruder. It seems to be the big baddie himself, Steppenwolf. He says (if that is him doing the voiceover) that Earth is without protectors. No Lanterns. No Kryptonian. Bruce and Diana must rally the troops. The Flash is the funny one. Cyborg commandeers the Bat-Wing. It looks we are going to seem some epic battles. Aquaman even surfs a Parademon. The whole Justice League (expect for The Flash) pulls the old disappearing act on Commissioner Gordon. At the very end of the trailer, Alfred has a visitor. We can only assume that it’s Superman. Kudos to Warner Brothers for resisting the urge to spoil Superman’s resurrection in any of the trailers. Things have started to turn around for the DCEU with the success of “Wonder Woman” and anticipation building for the release of “Justice League”. Ben Affleck was also nice enough to dispel the rumors (aka clickbait) that he would be resigning the role of Batman. The mention of Lanterns foreshadows the “Green Lantern Corps” film and Alfred gave The Penguin a shout-out. Me being greedy, I would have loved for The Joker & Harley Quinn to be the bank robbers that Wonder Woman fights, but I guess we can’t always get want we want. 😉

– Dr. Jelly

Author: Dominick

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