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written by Dominick Cappello


Well, you can’t outdo Tim Curry. He was creepy long before the age of dark and gritty reboots. The original creepy clown. I’ve heard some people complain there were too many glimpses of Pennywise in the teaser trailer. I agree that it’s best to keep the monster in the shadows, but c’mon, do you really not know what a clown looks like? Stephen King’s “It” was first adapted as a mini-series in 1990, but the reboot seems to only cover part 1 of the story with the protagonists still as children. I guess we’ll have to wait for a sequel to see them as adults fighting Pennywise in his true form… SPOILER ALERT… a giant spider. I’m sure Bill Skarsgård will be good as Pennywise even if the bar is pretty high (I’m a big Tim Curry fan if you haven’t noticed). But, with something like “Stranger Things” being so inspired by the work of Stephen King, maybe there’s no need to reboot his earlier stuff? I guess we’ll find out on September 8, 2017. My fear is that the filmmakers have botched it like what happened with “Poltergeist” (2015). Either way, “It” won’t do anything to help boost people’s opinions of clowns.

– Dr. Rochester

Author: Dominick

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