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written by Dominick Cappello

DR ROCHESTERI think I’m about done with Big Brother. Not just season 19, but the show in general. I haven’t enjoyed the past four seasons and haven’t liked the past two casts at all (not counting BBOTT). Also, the venom on social media is too much. It’s not just the houseguests who are nasty, the fans are almost as bad. I’ve read some Tweets and comments on YouTube that are terrible and overly hateful. I don’t like this cast either, but I don’t see the need to attack their families or try to get them fired from their jobs. This has happened in almost all previous seasons, but now it’s worse than ever. I’m starting to think that all the show is doing is holding up a mirror to the fandom. Christmas was my pre-season favorite, but even she’s disappointed me. I guess I’ll vote for Kevin (if I vote at all) for America’s Favorite Player. It drives me crazy how fans are campaigning for Cody to win AFP just to “stick it” to Paul. It was one thing to support Cody because he apposed Paul in the game, but to award him or Jessica $25k when they were just as nasty and mean spirited as the rest of them is ridiculous. They aren’t the heroes of the season! There are no heroes! The only reason I’m still begrudgingly watching the show is Maddie, who you would know from her “Madrosed” YouTube channel and where she posts daily live feed updates. I wouldn’t have the patience to do what she does. She’s the only hero of the season! Maddie for AFP!



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