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written by Dominick Cappello

I’d like to remind everyone that I ranked Josh last (and someone who would self-destruct) and then he goes and wins the season! I went back to my pre-season cast assessment to see how dead wrong my predictions were. Christmas was my favorite. You can’t blame her for the broken foot, but it baffles me that she was just as enamored with Paul as Alex and Raven and just as willing to flush her game down toilet for the greater glory of Paul. Did I miss something? What is so incredible about Paul? Friendship?

Fuck friendship.

The people I said came to play were Cameron, Cody, Dominique, Jessica, Mark, & Ramses. Well, Cody & Jessica came to play. However, they didn’t play particularly well. Yes, I know they were up against all of Paul’s minions, but they isolated themselves for far too long to make any moves. I’m disappointed that Cody won AFP. As I’ve said, him being anti-Paul isn’t enough for me to overlook his ignorant comments. I would have much rather seen Kevin win AFP. I said the people who would go along to get along were Elena, Jillian, Kevin, Matt, Megan, & Raven. Well, I was right about Matt & Raven. They most pathetic of Paul’s minions. I said that Alex & Jason would be useless. I guess I was wrong because they weren’t the most pathetic of Paul’s minions. Not much of a compliment, but I’m grasping for straws after this shit season. Finally, I predicted that Josh would self-destruct. He nearly did several times, especially early in the season, but he kept it together and is now one of the most unlikely winners in the history of the show. Some people aren’t happy that he won and are blaming a bitter jury, but it’s Paul’s own fault for his piss poor jury management.

Paul wasn’t part of my assessment because at the time it was only a rumor that he’d be joining the cast. However, check out the Madrosed premiere party vlog and you’ll see at the 12:19 mark that I’m not happy about the inclusion of Paul and am worried that he will taint the season. My spidey-senses were tingling. I’m was so happy that Paul lost last night after production tried so hard to stack the deck in his favor.


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